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The Snake God

How to Seduce a Virgin

Countess Perverse

The Girl in Room 2A

Donít Open Till Christmas


Sinner: The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac

Lorna: The Exorcist

The Sadist with Red Teeth / Forbidden Paris

Born of Fire


Prosperities of Vice

Bollywood Horror Collection Vol.3

Naked Rashomon

Bollywood Horror Collection Vol.2

Sins of Sister Lucia

Female Prison: Caged!

The Warrior

The Watcher in the Attic

Assault! Jack The Ripper

Silip Ė Daughters of Evil

The Blood Rose

Snake Dancer

Bollywood Horror Collection Vol.1

The Devilís Sword


Donít Deliver Us From Evil

For Your Height Only / Challenge of the Tiger

French Sex Murders

Girl Slaves of Morgana La Fay

Panic Beats

Satanico Pandemonium

The Mansion of Madness

The Killer Must Kill Again

Crazy Love

Lady Terminator

Mill of The Stone Women

Blood of the Virgins

Seven Women for Satan

The Living Corpse


Diabolic Doctor ĎZí




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