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Director: Jean Louis Van Belle
Stars: Albert Simono, Jane Clayton

Production year: 1970/1969

Rated: NR

Color 1.66:1 Enhanced 16-9

Language: English

Region 1 DVD


Sadist with Red Teeth / Forbidden Paris


For the first time ever on home video anywhere in the world, this astonishing double bill presents two rarely seen films from one of European cinema's most maverick talents.


The Sadist with Red Teeth tells the story of a comic book artist who becomes convinced that a car crash has turned him into a vampire. A sinister doctor experiments on him and then lets him loose into a world that seems fraught with danger.


Forbidden Paris is a mondo style shockumentary revealing the strange underbelly of 1960's Paris. All manner of bizarre and unholy practices are presented here for the first time ever. Banned on its initial release, this is the fully uncut version of this notorious rarity.


Bonus Features include:


         Brand new anamorphic 1.66:1 scope HD transfer taken from the negative

         Documentary featurette "Who is JLVB?"

         Newly introductions by the director

         Extensive notes & text essays

         Mondo Macabro previews




more creative than the average mondo Twitch Film


The Sadist With The Red Teeth ran its fingers through my hair and made me swoon. Bleeding Skull


a likely contender for the best DVD of the year. - Worldweird Cinema






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