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Director: Tulsi & Shyam Ramsey
Production year: 1993/1986

Rated: NR

Color 1.33:1 Academy

Language: Hindi w/ English subs

Region 1 DVD


The Bollywood Horror Collection Vol 3 - Mahakaal & Tahkkana


Outrageous horror action and non-stop monster mayhem are the order of the day in this shockingly entertaining double bill from Bollywood’s fear factory.


Mahakaal-The Monster: A nightmare creature haunts a young girl’s dreams. Her friends refuse to believe her when she tells them that the fiend has entered the real world and they are all to die a horrible death. Soon her fears start to come true. Is it too late to stop the monster from beyond?


Tahkhana-The Dungeon: Two sisters, separated as children, share the secret of a hidden treasure. Years later their secret falls into the hands of a bunch of sleazy adventurers. What none of them know is that the treasure is guarded by a hideous monster, animated by the blood of an evil black magician.


Bonus Features include:


·         Two classic Bollywood Horror movies on this double disc set

·         Mondo Macabro Documentary on Bollywood Horror

·         Extensive notes & text essays

·         Mondo Macabro preview trailer

·         Newly created English subtitles










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