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Director: Chūsei Sone
Production year: 1972

Rated: NR

Color 2.35:1 Enhanced

Language: Japanese w/ English subs

Region 1 DVD


Naked Rashomon


Master film makes Chusei Sone (Hellish Love, Angel Guts series) turns his hand to a tale of obsession, sex and revenge in this stylish and highly regarded production.


A powerful nobleman's wife is unable to bear him an heir. He takes a mistress who becomes pregnant. When she gives birth to twins. an assassin is hired to kill both mother and baby girl, as only a male heir is required. The assassin falls in love with the woman and saves her life. She goes into hiding, taking her daughter with her. Twenty years later the girl and boy meet by chance. What follows is an avalanche of bloodshed and violence, as the girl sets out to take revenge on all those who destroyed her life.


This is the first ever US release.


Bonus Features include:


·         Brand new anamorphic 2.35:1 scope HD transfer taken from the negative

·         Mondo Macabro Documentary on Pink Cinema

·         Filmed interview with movie critic Jasper Sharp

·         Nikkatsu trailers

·         Extensive notes & text essays

·         Mondo Macabro preview trailer










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