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Director: Shyam & Tulsi Ramsay
Production year: 1988/1989

Rated: NR

Color 1.33:1 Academy

Language: Hindi w/ English subs

Region 1 DVD


Bollywood Horror Collection Vol 2 - Veerana & Purani Haveli


Two classic Bollywood horror movies. Sex, blood, dancing, vampires and hairy beasts, in an un-missable double bill of wild Bollywood entertainment.


In Veerana: Vengeance of the vampire, a local landowner's daughter is possessed by the spirit of a dead witch and becomes a bloodsucking seductress. On the next moonless night, she will be used in a ritual to raise the hideous witch from her tomb. A true classic of world weird cinema and a must for any Mondo Macabro devotee!


In Purani Haveli: Mansion of Evil, an innocent girl becomes embroiled in a plot to steal her inheritance. She unwittingly releases an ancient curse contained in her family's old country mansion. Statues come to life, hairy beasts roam the corridors and the bodies pile up!


Bonus Features include:


         Brand new transfers taken from the negative

         Extensive notes & text essays

         Theatrical trailers

         Mondo Macabro previews










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