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Director: Koyu Ohara
Production year: 1978

Rated: NR

Color 2.35:1 Enhanced

Language: Japanese w/ English subs

Region 1 DVD


Sins of Sister Lucia


Rumiko is a very naughty girl...after seducing her English teacher and stabbing one of her fatherís hoodlum pals, she is sent into a convent to be put back on the straight and narrow. Bad mistake. The convent turns out to be a hot bed (literally) of deviant sexual practices. Spanking, strange bondage games and lesbian canoodling are the holy orders for these naked nuns.


A classic "naughty nun" saga in the tradition of Alucarda and School of the Holy Beast.


This is the first ever US release.


Bonus Features include:


         Brand new anamorphic 2.35:1 scope HD transfer taken from the negative

         Mondo Macabro Documentary on Pink Cinema

         Filmed interview with movie critic Jasper Sharp

         Extensive notes & text essays

         Nikkatsu trailers

         Mondo Macabro previews










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