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Director: Tulsi & Shyam Ramsey
Production year: 1990/1984

Rated: NR

Color 4:3 Academy

Language: Hindi w/ English Subtitles

Region 1 DVD


The Bollywood Horror Collection: Vol 1 - Bandh Darwaza & Purana Mandir


A double disc set of two classics of Indian Horror movies: Band Darwaza is the Indian version of Dracula. A childless woman visits the lair of an evil magician in order that she may conceive. When she gives birth to a baby girl the magician demands that she hand her over. She refuses and has the magician killed. Years later he is revived as a fully-fledged member of the undead. He comes looking for the now teenage girl intending to make her his slave!


Purana Mandir tells of the ancient curse visited on an Indian king 200 years ago - all female members of his family will turn into hideous monsters and die in childbirth. The daughter of one of his descendants tries to put an end to the curse and travels to the ancient temple where it all began 200 years ago. What awaits her and her friends there is terror beyond their wildest nightmares. A classic of Indian horror that scared a generation and began the 80's Bollywood horror boom.


Bonus Features include:


·         Double disc set - 6 hours of scary fun!

·         Documentary on South Asian Horror

·         Featurette: Freddie, Jason and…Saamri

·         Mondo Macabro previews










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