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Director: Juan Lopez Moctezuma
Stars: Claudio Brook, Arthur Hansel, Ellen Sherman

Production year: 1972

Rated: NR

Color 4:3 Academy

Language: English Dub & Spanish w/ English subtitles

Region 1 DVD


The Mansion of Madness


From ALUCARDA director Juan Lopez Montezuma, comes one of the most original and certainly one of the most bizarre horror films of the 1970's.


The story is set in a kind of kingdom of madness, established hen the inmates of a vast and surreal insane asylum lock up their keepers and enforce their on shocking hierarchy of activities and ideas.


A film packed with images of terror and wonder.


Bonus Features include:


         Brand new digital transfer

         Featurette - A Cultured Maverick: Juan Lopez Moctezuma

         Featurette - Guillermo dl Toro on Moctezuma & star Claudio Brook

         Text pages and filmogaphies & text interview with director

         Stills gallery


         Mondo Macabro previews










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