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Director: Emilio Vieyra
Stars: Ricardo Bauleo, Susanna Beltran, Gloria Prat

Production year: 1967

Rated: NR

Color 1.33:1

Language: Spanish w/ English subtitles

Region 1 DVD


Blood of the Virgins


A potent combination of Hot Latin Spice, Hammer style gothic horror and topless go-go dancing, this vampire movie from south of the border is a wild and untamed slice of raw cinema.


A bunch of young swingers are on holiday in the mountains. One night their van breaks down. They seek shelter in an old abandoned lodge. Itís a night none of them will forget!


A raunchy and radical production, as you'd expect from a country that produced both Evita and Che Guevara! The only Argentinian vampire film!


Bonus Features include:


         Brand new transfer from the original negative

         Mondo Macabro documentary: Argentinian horror: features interviews with Emilio Vieyra and Argentine sex symbol Isabel Sarli

         Patagonian Promo Parade: Over half an hour of Vieyra trailers!

         Exclusive stills gallery

         Cast and crew bios

         Mondo Macabro previews










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