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The Killer Must Kill Again
The Mansion of Madness
Panic Beats
Satanico Pandemonium

Cozzi's dark and disturbing thriller, very much in the mold of his mentor Dario Argento... more>>

The lunatics have taken over the asylum... more>>
AKA Parts:The Clonus Horror - 70's sci-fi conspiracy thriller... more>> Paul Naschy, the maestro of Spanish horror, directs and stars ... more>> The inspiration for Selma Hayek's character in Tarantino penned From Dusk til Dawn... more>>
French Sex Murders
Living Doll
Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay
The Deathless Devil +
For Your Height Only +
Prostitutes killed in Paris, an eyeball thief, a beheading... call Inspector Bogart! more>> A VERY strange love story indeed! more>>
A bone-fide classic of erotic horror in a stunning special edition more>>
A double bill of classics from the golden age of Turkish Pop Cinema more>> THE wildest midget secret agent movie ever made more>>



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