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Diabolical Dr Z
The Living Corpse
Seven Women for Satan

It tells of the strange relationship between two young girls... more>>


Dr Z creates a mind control machine... more>>
The Filipino legend of the Aswang is transplanted to the northwoods of America... more>> In the 1960's, even Pakistan was swinging!
To prove it, here's this amazing version of the Dracula story from 1967
... more>>
In his dreams Boris Zaroff chases naked females on his country estate; just like his notorious father... more>> 
Blood of the Virgins
Mill of the Stone Women
Lady Terminator
Crazy Love
Dangerous Seductress
A raunchy and radical production, as you'd expect from a country that produced both Evita and Che Guevara! The only Argentinian vampire film!... more>> The DVD version of this horror classic restores all the scenes cut from its original US release... more>>
Get ready for a wild ride! ... more>>
It's a film that, once seen, is never likely to be forgotten. A film with a unique, bitter sweet and poetic mood that manages to be funny and tragic at the same time... more>> An amazing combination of bloodsucking, black magic and killer babes, this is a real midnight movie classic... more>>

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